In Memory Of…

Unfortunately in February of 2020 our family suffered an unspeakable tragedy. During the winter snow and ice storms that slammed Texas our home caught fire. We lost everything. The house was a total loss. None of our belongings were salvageable. We barely made it out with our lives and the clothes on our backs. Sadly, we lost all of our American Bullies. We were, and still are, devastated. This page is no dedicated to those beautiful fur babies of ours. Rest in Heaven our babies.

TxBDB Trinity Rose of LSB

6/14/2020 – 2/16/2021

Real Deal’s Amarillo Skyes of LSB

6/24/2020 – 2/16/2021

OLBC’s Colossus

10/4/2019 – 2/16/2021

OLBC’s Elektra

12/24/2019 – 2/16/2021

TDB Jill

2/17/2917 – 2/16/2021

Cortez Bullyz Brazos Belle of LSB

12/9/2020 – 2/16/2021