About us

Lone Star Bullyz is a family operated kennel and breeding business. We are very passionate about the American Bully breed, breeding for the betterment of that breed, and we are committed to helping you find the perfect companion pet to add to your family.

Our bullies are a part of our family. The live in the home with us and are spoiled beyond measure. We want our pups to go to good loving homes with people we know will treat them just like part of their families as well. We do require an application before purchasing a puppy. This is only to assure that our babies go to the very best homes possible.

This is the bully who started it all. Our first family bully, Negan, is not registered and is not used in our breeding program. However, he is the boy who began our love of this breed and our dream of building our own kennel. Without this big smiling baby none of the rest would have happened. He’s a giant goofball who sleeps in our bed every night and thinks he is a lap dog. He will lick you death when given the chance and smiles every time you rub his belly or tell him you love him.

We live on a 50 acre ranch right outside of my husband’s hometown. This ranch has been in his family for 100+ years. We were fortunate enough to be able to move out here when we lost our home to a tragic fire in February 2021. Our children are the fourth generation of Moore men to attend Hubbard school district. When we aren’t taking care of the bullies we love camping, hunting, fishing, football, and baseball. We are just good old country folks and can’t wait to add you to the LSB family as well.

Here at Lone Star Bullyz we strongly believe in breeding for the betterment of the breed, not just for profit. However, we don’t believe in charging insanely high prices for our puppies or lying/hiding anything about our pricing. Before purchasing a puppy online do your research. Make sure you are buying from a reputable breeder, NOT someone who breeds for the wrong reasons, treats their dogs badly, or wants to rip off your hard-earned cash. Real breeders care more about the safety and well-being of their animals than the price tag attached to them. Buying a new dog is a huge decision so don’t feel bad for being very selective and searching for the perfect pet for you.

If this is your first bully purchase feel free to contact us by email, text, phone call, or via social media. We will be happy to talk with you and answer all of your questions before settling on the right puppy/dog for you. Things to consider are, which style of bully you like best, sex, size, coat and personality that you are looking for. These are all valid questions and concerns and we will be happy to help guide you.

Making sure our puppies go to a good loving home where they will be appreciated and properly cared for is more important to us than making a few bucks.  Even in some cases, when unexpected circumstances arise such as problems regarding space or money, we will strive to assist you in any way possible.  If available, we will offer you what we have and in the event that we do not have what you are looking for, we will be more than happy to give you a reference to a reputable breeder that may match your criteria.

We are not breeding for the money. Our first priority always is and always will be our dogs’ safety and well-being. Second, we strive to produce the perfect bully we have always envisioned and try to create with each breeding. All of our dogs are our family members which makes it even more important that we hold ourselves to a very high standard for the quality of our pups and the product that our name goes on. The other most important thing to us is making sure our dogs go to good, loving, caring homes where they will be spoiled and loved. We try to market our dogs at the most affordable price possible while also paying for our expenses. We do this full time as a family so we have a lot of expenses with the dogs such as food, supplements, vet bills, registrations, monthly worming and medications, etc. If you are unable to afford one of the puppies at LSB we strongly recommend adopting a new pet, as they tend to be much more affordable.

We thank you very much for taking the time to look through our website and learning more about our kennel. We guarantee you won’t find a better quality dog at a better price than right here at Lone Star Bullyz.