Surviving a tragedy

I haven’t made a post on this site in a while. I just recently updated dogs photos, as some may have noticed, but I haven’t posted much or kept up with updating the “blog” side of this site. So I thought I’d give everyone a kennel update and let you know what we have been up to. We suffered a horrible tragedy as a family but we are picking up the pieces. We have quite literally risen from the ashes to rebuild our dream of owning a kennel.

Our family has had quite the year. We have all be navigating this strange new world post pandemic but February 2021 brought the biggest, most severe winter storm in Texas history. The entire state was not adequately prepared. Our family had no idea HOW unprepared we were. With the storm came power outages and “rolling” blackouts. Those blackouts caused our breaker box to overheat and catch fire. We lost our home and all of our American Bullies… including a 2 week old litter of 9 pups and their mother. We were devastated.

We took some time to regain our bearings. We moved to the family ranch and began to piece our lives back together. We loved our dogs and mourned that loss deeply. But, owning a kennel was still a dream and a passion for us so when our kids asked if we could have another dog we decided to give it another try.

Fast forward to today, September 9, 2021, we are now the proud doggie parents of two adult females, Nova and Queenie; two female puppies, Abby and Mysti; and the sweetest 1 year old baby boy, Booker T. The most exciting news though is that Nova is pregnant and due to have puppies in just 20 days!!! We are very excited and can’t wait to share them with the world! Thanks for sticking around everyone and stay tuned for an overload of puppy pictures in a few weeks!

For now, here’s a picture of Mr. Booker T